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About Us

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WMC strives to provide our customers with the highest quality water–tight structures built by professional tradespeople using the most current materials and equipment and industry leading methods. We work with all parties of our project teams in the spirit of cooperation, honesty and mutual benefit for everyone. We continue to create and maintain a culture that values safety, respect, integrity and productivity for all of our employees. We want long term employees who are proud to be part of the “WMC family”.
By focusing on these values we can continue to be a company that stands out in front of its competition for being the very best at what we do, all while being profitable and sustainable.

Our People

Our greatest asset is our people. To ensure that everyone goes home safely, our employees and management engage in the development and implementation of the policies of our safety program. . We believe in treating our employees with the dignity and respect they deserve as hardworking trades people.  We believe that if you treat people with respect, train them to do their jobs, and reward them for their efforts they will in turn work hard to deliver a quality end product at a competitive cost. This philosophy has helped us to retain some very skilled long term employees.

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